We are excited to announce that we will be Reopening with the transition to Phase 3.  During this phase, families will be worshipping together.  Amy will have activities and sheets prepared to help keep kids occupied.  We plan to relaunch both our 9 & 10:45 am gathering times.      

Pastor Jim is leading a team that is working on what the guidelines for our reopening will look like.  We will be communicating those policies based on the recommendations of that team in the next couple of weeks.  

I understand that it will be hard to please everyone as it relates to our plans for Reopening.  Some people may think that we are being too cautious, while others may think not cautious enough.  The highest form of love is AGAPE love.  Our goal continues to be that of demonstrating AGAPE love and doing what we feel is sensible and the best at the moment.   As we all do our best to navigate through what my wife, Amy, calls a "Weirdo Time," let us do our best to be gracious to one another.  I need it and you need it.  So, let's give it!  

I'm counting down the days until Phase 3!  Until then, be smart, be safe, and let's continue to be flexible.    

Pastor Tyson
We have taken a conservative approach to the number of people involved on a Sunday morning.  Currently, we have limited that number to 3 people based on our understanding at the time of the guidelines for Live-Steaming our gatherings.  The ambiguity regarding the guidelines has left an open door for many churches to include more people.  Starting on the night of the Worship & Prayer we are hoping to add more people to what we have already been doing.  We are working now on the guidelines that will be instituted to ensure that everyone stays safe.  What this means is we are hoping for a fuller worship team.  

Once we Reopen, we will continue to Live-Stream our gatherings.  That means you can still worship in your pajamas if you want to :).    




Connecting before a gathering with coffee is something that many look forward to.  Though we miss that time, let's do it online.  Grab your coffee and chat it up at 9:30 am on either Youtube or the Church Online platform.  
Are you hungry to connect with others in an environment where you can share life and get to know others?  Then sign up below!