Parenting Conference 2018




Parenting is no easy job.  It is both complex and challenging.  At its best it is rewarding and at its worst it is deflating.  The good news of parenting is that there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  Even great parents miss the mark. This is why we believe that parenting is more of an art form than it is a precise science.  Every parent has room to grow.  One of the great challenges of parenting may be that of creating the space to grow.  


Dr. Betty K. Garner has a Masters in Educational Research and a Doctorate in Learning and Instruction. During her 40 plus years as an educator, she has served as a classroom teacher, art teacher, certified psychological examiner, professional learning coach, parent learning facilitator, university professor, researcher, national and international consultant. For the last 23 years, she has been researching cognition and learning. She is the author of “Getting to Got It – Helping Struggling Students Learn how to Learn”  and co-author of “Developing a Learning Classroom – Moving Beyond Management through Relationships Relevance, and Rigor.”  In this Parenting Conference, she will share a little of what she has learned from children and adults about how to develop the cognitive tools they need to create meaning. 

Amy and Tyson hve been pastoring for over 22 years and are parents of seven amazing children. They are no longer young parents as their children range from eight to twenty-one.  They are excited to share about their parenting experiences and why they are passionate about sharing this with others.  


Be the best possible parent you can be.  Join us to be encouraged and better equipped to thrive in the midst of the challenges that come your way as a parent.  We have created a great and distraction free environment for you to relax and learn.  Childcare and meals are provided.   

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